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Where do I start?

  1. A great place to start is to do a free 1 Hour Keys2Drive lesson. This involves the learner driver, our instructor and a supervisor in attendance that has had their licence for a minimum of 4 years. This is most commonly a parent and is a government requirement of the free K2D lesson.
  2. After the Keys2Drive lesson, the student may book another driving lesson as well as driving with a parent or supervisor.
  3. The waiting list for a PDA (Practical Driving Assessment) can be lengthy. Our driving instructor will give you an indication of when the student will be ready to book their PDA.
  4. Our driving instructor will set you up with the skills to pass your PDA first time so you can enjoy the freedom of being a safe and competent driver!

We do driving lessons in Kelmscott and the surrounding suburbs. Our driving instructors know every road, park and shopping centre and test route at the local Licensing and Driving Assessment Centre. If you’re looking for the best possible driving lessons going, book a lesson or call us on (08) 9468 2063.

What’s required?

  1. A current learners driving permit
  2. A booking date and time with the Department of Transport. The fee for your driving assessment was paid by you to the Department of Transport at the time your learners permit was granted.
  3. A signed and completed Log Book containing 25 hours of supervised driving history.
  4. Primary ID to be presented on the day of your assessment to the assessor. A current passport or an original birth certificate is always acceptable.
  5. Hiring a driving school car, either manual or automatic with dual controls is considered best on the day of your learner driving assessment.
  6. Booking a driving school instructor to take you on assessment day. Kelmscott Driving School recommends you be picked up from home by your driving school instructor who can take you for a 1 hour driving lesson prior to your driving assessment. This time with your driving school instructor helps calm the nerves and refreshes your knowledge about driving test criteria and test routes.

Test Route Training & Mock Assessments

The test routes, car parks and suburbs used by the Department of Transport to conduct learner driving assessments vary. No driving school or driving instructor can guarantee where a learner driver will be taken on the day of your driving assessment. However, we do know 5 or 6 test route variations generally used by assessors at each Licensing Centre. We plan mock tests around these test routes so you will be well prepared for your practical driving assessment.

Kelmscott Driving School instructors focus on producing confident learner drivers with top driving skills. Passing your driving assessment is part of that skills training but we insist that you be able to safely drive a vehicle anywhere.

Absolutely free – 1 hour driving lesson!

This is something most people would consider good value. We agree and because it’s such a tremendous offer, we actually organise the whole thing for you.

Free lesson process

One of our highly skilled, driving instructors will meet you and your mum or dad or someone who has had their licence for a minimum of 4 years. The independent supervisor being present is a Government condition to having the Keys2Drive lesson. After the Keys2Drive lesson, learner’s drivers may book further driving lessons with the driving school instructor or through the driving school office.

The driving school instructor will set you up with the necessary skills to pass your PDA so you can safety drive anywhere you like in Australia.